NFL Cancels HOF Game


OK, so this is my first blog posting. I guess I’d better get down to business here. Let me start with the polarizing news of the day: The NFL has cancelled the Hall of Fame festivities that were to take place in early August.

Look, the reality of the situation is that the HOF game was NEVER going to take place. The only reason this is noteworthy is because the NFL didn’t get ahead of this months ago. Think about it… was the NFL going to have two teams travel into Canton, Ohio to needlessly play a game? Spectators were never going to be an option and that was going to really limit the gravity of the centennial HOF class.

The NFL was ridiculous for maintaining the game would take place. It made no sense! As a business, the correct thing would have been to tell the NFL community that they were “continuing to monitor” the situation. This would have given them the option to have the game, but come out with a late cancellation with minimal commentary. Instead, they stubbornly stuck to the timeline and now have to do a complete 180. This, as we all know, gets social media and news outlets in a tizzy. Now we have to read stories about the NFL and whether or not they will start training camp on time.

I’ve maintained from the start of this Covid-19 disaster that the NFL season WOULD be played (and still believe that). I’ve also maintained that fans will not be back in stands at any point in 2020. Sadly, we might not see butts in the seats until mid 2021. Regardless of your feelings of Covid and its seriousness, the bottom line is that companies allowing fans to congregate is a lawsuit waiting to happen. And I’m sorry, but allowing at-risk fans into a mass gathering – even if the sign a waiver – is not the right thing to do.

So where are we with the season? The NFL makes so much money in TV revenue that they are going to figure out a way to play, but what we as NFL fans and fantasy football players have to start doing is paying attention to hot spots of positive tests and have a better understanding of NFL depth charts. There will be mandated quarantines and a crazy amount of asymptomatic players benched for 2-3 weeks at a time.

Yes, I believe game will be played, but Covid is going to have a massive impact on 2020 NFL regardless. …playing the bulk of the season during flu season isn’t going to help.

Anyway – stay tuned!

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