Cam Newton To The Patriots

Well, we’ve all heard by now that Cam Newton has signed a 1-year deal with the New England Patriots and I think I’m the only one who isn’t convinced that he was signed to definitely be the starter.

I’m not saying that Newton will NOT start. What I am saying is that he’s a career 59.6% passer. Cam Newton’s best days came when he was a massive threat in the running game, but though I wouldn’t call him an “old” guy, even younger NFL fans know that he’s been dinged up the past few seasons. He’s not a speed guy like Lamar Jackson when scrambling. He’s not a nimble guy like Patrick Mahomes – who slithers around the pocket and then strikes with a precision deep ball. As a runner, his style is more of a bruiser style … like a tough RB. And what do we know about 30 year old RBs? They don’t stay around for long… unless their name is Frank Gore.

I am still bitter about Jarret Stidham coming into the game against the Jets and throwing a pick 6 that cost me a ton of money on a bad beat, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a starting QB.

This is the Patriots. This is the organization that benched a pro bowl QB in Drew Bledsoe for an unproven 2nd-year player in Tom Brady. Belichick is a coach that wanted to trade Tom Brady in order to hand the keys to Jimmy Garoppolo.

My initial thoughts on Cam are as follows:

  • Cam Newton will certainly have the opportunity to win the starting QB job
  • Jarret Stidham will also have a chance to win the job in camp – and he already has a year inside a very complex offense
  • Cam Newton’s floor will be playing a Taysum Hill type roll where we’ll see him as a red zone threat. We’ll see him every game and at a 5-10 snap count. Again, this is worst case scenario
  • Absolute best case scenario is that Cam wins the job and executes the offense similarly to his 2018 season in Carolina where we dished the ball off to his RBs and TEs on his way to a 67+% completion percentage.

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