NFL Shortening Preseason to two games. …woof!!

So the NFL is reportedly going to shorten its preseason to two games – you can check out an article on the subject here:

At this point, the motive isn’t due to coronavirus reasons (at least, not publicly), but player safety reasons. It does actually make sense. The idea is that because the NFL has cancelled the offseason program including minicamps and voluntary workouts, the NFL players will need more time to get into “football shape”. And “football shape” is less about running sprints effectively and more about getting your knees ready to take cuts and your body ready to take hits.

Scientifically speaking, the NFL wants players less like this guy:

Samuel L Jackson Mr Glass Elijah Price Black Leather Trench Coat

And more like this lady:

How to Become More Flexible

Looking at that knee bend makes me want to find a knee brace….

Anyway, the new plan is that teams will still report the last week of July, but now there will only be two preseason games in mid and late August.

This is going to be a bit more challenging for the 2020 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide updates (available here: I consistently find gems in those late preseason games … those games nobody is watching or likes to watch. Moreover, there are a ton of awesome rooks that I am eager to watch and re-rank – specifically Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Jonathan Taylor, Cam Akers, JK Dobbins and a few others. But I’ve already gone through the college film and offensive systems for each teams, so thankfully it’s more about “confirmation” than “study”.

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