The NFL’s Covid Policy Is A Head Scratcher… Fantasy Football Players Stay Tuned

Well, I’ve been awaiting the NFL’s covid policy because regardless of this country’s attempts to politicize a topic that has no business being politicized, the reality is that businesses with unions will need to create and adhere to employee safety policy for a long list of reasons. What does this mean for you in fantasy football? Well, nobody’s talking about it (yet), but it means that your best fantasy football player might miss multiple games in key stretches this season.

The NFL’s policy is available on (here:

I’ve been on record stating that I’m confident the NFL will figure out how to get games in place this NFL season – so confident that I’ve offered customers of the Fantasy Football Almanac (available on here: FREE access to the 2021 eBook if the season gets cancelled. The reason I’ve been so confident is because 1) thanks to my connections in the podcast world, I have a bit of inside information into the front office of a team in the Northeast. They’ve maintained all along that they are on top of the situation and creating contingency plans. I trust the source because he told me about the 2020 NFL Draft format about 6 weeks before Schefter started talking about it. Maybe I should have broken the news!

Second reason I’ve been confident is because the NFL makes more money from TV revenues than any other sport. They dominate prime time and in a year that is likely to be light on competing television (thanks to delayed filming schedules) and a hunger for sports like we’ve never experienced – the NFL’s rating are likely to reach record highs this year. There will be no weeping from NFL owners the way we see the MLB owners whined their way through May and June. The NFL was so committed to getting games in place that they were looking into creating an NBA-like bubble … in SINGAPORE!!!

Lately, though, the NFL’s planning has been poor in my view. I’ve never thought the NBA-bubble idea would work. Imagine 32 teams. 53 players on the active roster + expanded practice squad + coaching staff + team officials. You’re looking at 100 travelers per team give or take. Add in the families and you’re looking at an entire city moving in mass to an isolated spot? No way.

The NFL has had, what, 4 months to plan and we’re just now getting the Covid policy? And it’s a policy that includes a 10 day quarantine as opposed to the standard conservative 14-day quarantine medical experts suggest? Eh… I think it’s bad business.

The NFL should have had preseason figured out with the NFLPA in May. This should have included multiple contingency plans. We’re about a week a way from players starting their quarantine/testing process. It’s wayyyyy too close to the deadline. Let’s move a quicker here, guys.

10 days of quarantine for a player that tests positive? Um…. are you trying to get the season delayed? And that’s an honest question here. Would hte NFL rather have a Super Bowl in March or April than in February? That might be what we get.

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