NFL Week 1Fantasy Football What to Watch For

Before we get rolling here, I want to remind everyone that you can get a hell of a lot more specific information – including free fantasy football and daily fantasy football computer projections, by emailing me at Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Football Team What Fantasy Players Need To Look For: Washington:   With the recentContinue reading “NFL Week 1Fantasy Football What to Watch For”

Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions

Cam Newton and the New England Patriots square off against Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Miami Dolphins. What will the New England Patriots look like without Tom Brady? Well, starting another QB with Super Bowl experience is about the best you can do as an organization. Will Miami pick up where they left off in 2020Continue reading “Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions”

Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans Preview

In addition to creating my own fantasy analytics (you can get free copies by emaling me at, I also literally watch every NFL game. It’s a labor of love. I’m working on my “home office” … which is a clever way of talking about my over-the-top Football viewing lair. I’ll post pictures when it’sContinue reading “Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans Preview”

The NFL’s Covid Policy Is A Head Scratcher… Fantasy Football Players Stay Tuned

Well, I’ve been awaiting the NFL’s covid policy because regardless of this country’s attempts to politicize a topic that has no business being politicized, the reality is that businesses with unions will need to create and adhere to employee safety policy for a long list of reasons. What does this mean for you in fantasyContinue reading “The NFL’s Covid Policy Is A Head Scratcher… Fantasy Football Players Stay Tuned”

NFL Shortening Preseason to two games. …woof!!

So the NFL is reportedly going to shorten its preseason to two games – you can check out an article on the subject here: At this point, the motive isn’t due to coronavirus reasons (at least, not publicly), but player safety reasons. It does actually make sense. The idea is that because the NFLContinue reading “NFL Shortening Preseason to two games. …woof!!”

Cam Newton To The Patriots

Well, we’ve all heard by now that Cam Newton has signed a 1-year deal with the New England Patriots and I think I’m the only one who isn’t convinced that he was signed to definitely be the starter. I’m not saying that Newton will NOT start. What I am saying is that he’s a careerContinue reading “Cam Newton To The Patriots”