2020 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide

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2020 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide available on Amazon.com

When you buy a fantasy football draft guide, it should support you throughout your entire draft season. Don’t buy something written and published in June! Buy a fantasy football draft guide that updates you all the way until NFL’s opening week!


Customized Draft Sheet

This customized fantasy football draft sheet provides consensus rankings obtained from fantasy football’s most respected sites such as Fantasy Pros, Fantasy Data, ESPN and more. You can add your rankings to this draft sheet and even change the projections themselves.

“I used last year’s book and ended up winning 1 of my leagues and finishing in the top 3 in my other 4 leagues. The data and advice in this book are very unique compared to other books and websites I have read. Sean the author has a very distinct approach that makes this book almost a must have for any serious fantasy football player. He also updates you through the offseason so if you buy the book now, you’ll get his full updates as things change.”

-Christopher (as seen on Amazon.com)


2020 Fantasy Football Updates

Did you buy this year’s Fantasy Football almanac and Draft Guide? Flip to the Draft Strategy section to find out how to get your updates!

Updates will be sent out on the following rough timeline:

  • Update 1: First week of June
  • Update 2: First week of July
  • Update 3: Update 3: Beginning of training camp
  • Update 4: Before first week of training camp
  • Updates weekly during training camp
This 2020 Fantasy Football Magazine comes with Free fantasy football rankings updates, premium fantasy football analytics and more.
2020 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide

Fantasy Football Almanac; Fantasy Football Magazine
Fantasy Football Sleepers

The PROBLEM With Finding Sleepers

Finding quality sleepers late in your draft or streaming the perfect sleeper in weekly fantasy football and daily fantasy play can make the difference in winning cash or falling flat.

The problem with finding fantasy football sleepers is that the articles you’re reading on ESPN or your favorite message boards are all using the same source information. And if we’re all using the same sources and sharing the same information, “projection” becomes “false consensus”.

The Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide uses proprietary analytics to vet our sleeper picks and give our readers an edge on draft day.

“I purchased this guide for my 2019 fantasy football season and I just received my 2020 copy. I have been playing fantasy football for over 20 years and have spent a fortune on fantasy football magazines to prepare for my drafts. Last year the only publication I utilized for my draft was this guide and the 2020 version is all I plan to use again this season. It’s a pleasure to read and contains more useful information than you will find in any other publication.”

-John (as seen on Amazon.com)

Dominate Your Fantasy Football Draft!!

Are Your Tiers Optimized?

By now, you’ve seen fantasy football draft tiers across the internet. But how many of these are backed by analytics and continuous research?

Having a tiered fantasy football draft approach is crucial on draft day, but many fantasy footballers fail to take the extra step needed to maximize the strength of their tiers and dominate their fantasy football drafts.

Fantasy Football Almanac; Fantasy Football Magazine
Dominate Your Fantasy Football Draft

“Ever since I started using the fantasy almanac I’ve won my big $$ leagues. Coincidence maybe than again maybe not, why risk it. Sean offers a distinctive approach to fantasy football and offers updates. His YouTube channel also adds that extra something that others don’t.”

TB (as seen on Amazon.com)

Points Above Replacement (TM)

Introducing Fantasy Points Above Replacement (TM), or “PAR“. We’ve been testing this new fantasy football algorithm for four years and it is finally ready!

Fantasy PAR (TM) helps you identify the competitive advantage of each player on draft day. Along with fantasy football draft tiers, Points Above Replacement helps you maximize the strength of every draft day selection.

Fantasy Football Almanac; Fantasy Football Magazine
Fantasy Football Tiers and Premium Fantasy Football Rankings

Summing Up The Fantasy Football Almanac

FREE Updates

I hear it every year.  “Why would I buy a draft guide?  By the time they are printed, the information is stale.”  And you know what? I agree! That’s why the Fantasy Football Almanac comes with free updates… read more.

Better Sleepers

Think about this…. If all the Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide did was find you one or two more sleepers on draft day.  Would that be worth it? … read more.

Better Draft Strategy

You can’t win your league in the first two rounds of your fantasy football draft, but you can lose it. Also, you can’t lose your league in the middle or late rounds, but you can win it… read more.

Points Above Replacement

Fantasy PAR is similar.  Instead of measuring Fantasy Football “Wins” above replacement, we measure a fantasy football player’s average weekly points above replacement.… read more.

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“This is a great fantasy football guide. I have been using it for 3 years now and won 2 of my 4 leagues last year.”

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