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Don’t mind the 2020 Book Cover – the updates are still free in 2023!

The 2022 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide offers FREE offseason updates to our customers! It’s available for purchase on Amazon.com


I hear it every year.  “Why would I buy a draft guide?  By the time they are printed, the information is stale.”  And you know what?  I completely agree.

Grocery Store Fantasy Football Magazines

A lot of fantasy football players out there will go to their local magazine section at Wal-Mart or in a grocery store and pick one of the magazines off the shelves.  These are useful to cross players off as they’ve been drafted.  The problem?  Most of the player analysis has to be written in June in order to be mass-printed and distributed to these stores.  How many times do fantasy football players out there pick an injured player?  Or draft a released player? 

Free Fantasy Football Updates and Free Fantasy Football Rankings

When I started writing the Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide, I started with three clear goals:

  1. Create the best content
  2. Create the best reader experience through hard work and customer service
  3. Keep my readers updated by offering free updates

I see a lot of fantasy football services make you pay for enhanced services to keep you up to date.  That is ridiculous.  The Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide includes the provision of rankings and strategy updates. 

Over 1,000 Hours of NFL Film Study

Scouting For Fantasy Football

By the end of the season, we create a calibrated list of math-driven sleepers that are also showing signs of NFL life.  Although I don’t claim to hit 100% of the predictions, I’d put our track record against anyone’s.  And so would Almanac readers.

Fantasy Football Scouting