Points Above Replacement

Fantasy Football PAR (TM)

Fantasy Football Points Above Replacment (TM), or Fantasy Football PAR(TM) is exclusive to the 2020 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide which can be purchased on Amazon.com

Fantasy Points Above Replacement ™ or Fantasy PAR ™ is my baby!  As my readers know, I never publish anything that I haven’t proven out and USED MYSELF.  I’ve been laboring over the analytics I use for PAR for YEARS.  The bun is no longer in the oven.  It’s fully baked!

Points Above Replacement

You’ve heard of baseball’s “WAR” – a statistical computation that measures how many more wins a player gives a roster over the course of a season relative to a replacement player.  Fantasy PAR is similar.  Instead of measuring Fantasy Football “Wins” above replacement, we measure a fantasy football player’s average weekly points above replacement.

Let me explain…

Fantasy Football Strategy

Let’s look at Lamar Jackson’s 2019 NFL Season.  His ability to accumulate rushing yards and rushing TDs at the QB position made him a statistically dominant Quarterback.  His value in the weekly lineup gave on average 10-15 points of competitive advantage every week. 

What does Fantasy Football PAR Mean For You?

Using PAR on Fantasy Football Draft Day

Let’s say on draft day, you’re wondering whether or not you should draft a quarterback early.  Or perhaps, you are wondering whether or not to use that 2nd rounder on an elite tight end.  How do you know you’re making the right choice?

Fantasy Football Analytics

Fantasy PAR™ let’s you know.  Our proprietary fantasy football analytics help grade each player’s weekly competitive advantage relative to their own position group.  On top of that, we apply an ever-evolving average draft position score and further calibrate with fantasy football mock draft research to give you the most optimized draft board.