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Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide

As you’ve no doubt seen across the site, the Fantasy Football Almanac comes with free NFL offseason updates to keep your fantasy football rankings properly calibrated.

The publication blends proprietary sports analytics with hours of offensive scheme and NFL player film analysis to provide the most accurate fantasy football rankings in the industry.

Roto Solo Fantasy Football Magazine and Daily Fantasy Football
Roto Solo Fantasy Football Magazine

The Roto Solo Fantasy Football Magazine is the industry’s only fantasy football magazine that caters specifically to the daily fantasy football market. Unlike most publications which focus on player profiles, Roto Solo offers only brief player write ups.

The strength of the Roto Solo guide comes in weekly matchup projections which use machine learning to improve as the season moves forward. In order to unlock all in-season projections, readers must sign up for them via promo code within the publication.

Fantasy Football Consistency Guide

As far as fantasy football magazines go, my favorite book … not named the Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide, is Bob Lung’s Fantasy Football Consistency Guide. He does a great job of setting a strategy that’ll help you land quality at every stage of the draft. If you’re going to buy another pure fantasy football book, I like this one.

Awesome Games

Statement Games

Statement Games

I met Statement Games at a fantasy football conference last year and we formalized a partnership for the 2020 season and beyond. I love their take on fantasy football games. They’re more than a lineup/pick em service. I think what separates these guys from the rest is the engagement they offer as well as the varying contest types. They’re growing quickly, but you can still get in on the ground floor.

Fantasy Football Trophies and Belts

Fantasy Football Trophy

As far as trophies go, I think this one gives awesome value. You get 10 years of previous league champions and as far as trophies go, this looks most like the Super Bowl trophy.

Fantasy Football Trophy

My pride leagues are my favorite leagues and nothing makes me happier than winning a rotating trophy. This trophy holds up to 19 years of previous winners, comes in multiple colors and could stand between 26 and … yes … 56 inches tall. It’s $159, so it ain’t cheap, but it’s pretty sweet. Check it out on Amazon here.

Fantasy Football Championship Belt

I’m a trophy guy, but I know championship belts are becoming more popular. Of all the available, reasonably priced options on Amazon, this one looks the best to me. You can customize it and get it in a few colors (including gold), but doesn’t look to carry previous fantasy football championship info.

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