Thoughts from the Chiefs and Lions game to start the season

I’m not going to be able to write a blog post for every game, but since I was watching, and because the game was so interesting for fantasy football players out there, I thought I would put something together. Also thanks to my web application’s ability to allow me to write these things from my phone and using speech to text, I wanted to try it out.

I’ll start with the Chiefs because they provided one of the most spectacular meltdowns of professional sports play I’ve seen in sometime. Let me say this, I saw stats today that there have not been as many drops in a half since 2009. That’s not something that is likely to continue. Obviously Travis Kelce’s injury had a major impact, but even Kelce drops passes every now and then.

Kadarius Toney did look like the number one wide receiver to me as a few of us fantasy football writers projected this year. However, I think it’s fair to assume that the Chiefs aren’t going to keep him as the primary receiver for too long. Andy Reid isn’t the kind of coach that will overreact and bench Toney. My bigger concern actually is that Kadarius Toney will have the yips after this. we will see if he can get his confidence back next week.

I think if you recall from my book, I’m not the biggest fan of Chiefs, skill players anyway. Outside of Travis Kelce, of course. Within about 17 minutes of gameplay, Patrick Mahomes had already thrown to seven different pass catchers. It usually takes other quarterbacks a full game to hit that number if they even get that high. I think he ended up at around 10 total receivers he threw passes to. That’s not necessarily even the Travis Kelce effect. The Chiefs always spread the ball around. That’s part of what makes Patrick Mahomes, so great. But it’s also why it’s hard to project a top fantasy football wide receiver in this offense.

Moving forward for the Chiefs, I think Rashee Rice will continue to grow in this offense and be the guy. I was impressed with what I saw on the first week. And I don’t even care about the touchdown, I’m talking about the types of routes in touch as he was getting. I was also surprised to see how much Watson was used as a reciever. I was disappointed to see how little, Richie James and Justyn Ross were used but they will get opportunities to step up after this debacle.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire got too many touches in the running game. that was a surprise to me. Pacheco is still the guy moving forward, but that’s the Chiefs for you too. They are going to continue to split carries between them. And because they do that, it makes everybody carrying balls or catching passes a little weaker because of the spread.

And if you own Travis Kelce, in your leagues, I think what we saw last night is good news. There’s not really a tight end, ready to step in and fill that void. When he plays, you can start him without any question, but you were going to do that anyway, right?

Now, let me talk about the Detroit Lions for a little bit. And I’m sorry, but I really mean a little bit. David Montgomery got a lot of touches and he got the touchdown. What I can say, is that the lions do like using a heavy back and they do like using two running backs. So if I had to guess, a similar work share will take place throughout the season.

Also, it was pretty clear to me that Gibbs was the better running back with the ball in his hands. Now in recent years, the fantasy football world was very cranky every time Jamaal Williams got a carry and D’Andre Swift did not. I never really cared, because I never really thought Swift was that good as a pure runner. Watching the game last night, it was clear that Gibbs is a future star. My feeling is that they will further integrate him into the office, and he will be the one who gets the most touches in the office. So if you drafted Gibbs early, don’t worry I think things will be just fine.

I was glad to see how well LaPorta performed. Also because he didn’t get into the end zone, he probably will be lost in the shuffle after a lively Sunday. He will be on my waiver wire pick up. Suggestions for sure. I will be posting my waiver wire pick up suggestions on Monday or Tuesday via blog post right here.

Thanks for reading, I will be back again with a blog post soon.

Sean Ryan

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