Thoughts from the Chiefs and Lions game to start the season

I’m not going to be able to write a blog post for every game, but since I was watching, and because the game was so interesting for fantasy football players out there, I thought I would put something together. Also thanks to my web application’s ability to allow me to write these things from myContinue reading “Thoughts from the Chiefs and Lions game to start the season”

2023 Fantasy Football Almanac Now Available on

I’m pleased to announce the 2023 Fantasy Football Almanac is now available on Amazon!  You can search for it as usual on Amazon, but this link will take you right to it: 2023 Fantasy Football Almanac. As always, thank you so much for your support and interest in the book.  I have published at aContinue reading “2023 Fantasy Football Almanac Now Available on”

Week 14 Waiver Wire Targets

In some leagues, playoffs are starting this week.  Though, for most of us the playoffs will begin shaking out in week 15.  There are a couple of bye weeks to sift through so I hope you’re  not getting nailed with Aaron Jones on your bench.  That said, you could always add a guy like ZonovanContinue reading “Week 14 Waiver Wire Targets”