Waiver Wire Targets Week 12

I’m hoping that you were able to take advantage of some of the wide receiver grabs last week because the market is going to be a lot more competitive this week with great weeks by Treylon Burks, Christian Watson and Donovan Peoples-Jones.  I personally think the Packers would benefit from using Watson more.  In watching the games, it feels like they are using him as a slightly more talented (though raw) version of Marques Valdez-Scantling.  The Packers passing game will start to unlock when they start using Lazard in that role and start looking at Watson as a less intelligent/less aware version of Davante Adams (and I don’t mean that in a bad way – he’s young, he should be less aware).  Watson needs 10-12 targets a game.

Peoples-Jones is chugging along with Birssett at QB, but he’s going to be a very enticing flex play once Watson returns and warms up, which will be just in time for the playoffs.

Treylon Burks is still a question mark to me.  The Packers were intent on shutting down the run last Thursday and that opened up nice matchups down the field.  Was last week a sign of things to come or were the Titans simply taking what the Packers were giving them?  I think it was the latter, but regardless – Burks earned some respect by the coaches and faith from Tannehill.  That’ll go a long way the back half of this season.

Now, let’s get to waiver targets for week 12.  Also, please have a very safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!


  1. WR, George Pickens
  2. WR, Christian Watson
  3. WR, Treylon Burks
  4. RB, Latavius Murray
  5. RB, Isiah Pacheco
  6. WR, Donovan Peoples-Jones

Players Probably On Rosters, but Available in 15%-30% of Leagues Out There:

  1. RB, D’Onta Foreman – available in 14% of leagues.  OK, not quite available in 15% of leagues, but he should be rostered.  He was due for a down game last week, don’t worry about it.
  2. RB, Jeff Wilson Jr. – Available in 22% of leagues.  I’m not sure why 1/5 of the fantasy leagues out there would ignore the obvious starting back in a good offense. 
  3. WR, Jakobi Meyers – available in 19% of leagues.  He was scoring very well early in the season, but the Patriots had some QB transition and a few tougher matchups.  I’m very comfortable with him as a flex option.  He should be rostered.
  4. WR, Darnell Mooney – available in 20% of leagues – Fields is getting incrementally better as a passer as the Bears have made some changes to pass protection and play calling.  Mooney could do well for you to close out the year, though I like Watson/Burks more (more below on them).
  5. RB, Kareem Hunt – available in 18% of leagues.  I’m just expecting a big run on TDs once Watson is playing. It’s more of a gut feeling than real analysis to be honest with you.
  6. QB, Aaron Rodgers – available in 21% of leagues.  He looked awful on Thursday, but could have easily thrown for 4 TDs in a typical game.  As I said above, if they start chucking the ball downfield to Watson more, the points will come. 
  7. QB, Geno Smith – available in 20% of leagues.  He is a top 10 QB in some formats.  He should be rostered.


  1. Deshaun Watson – if you don’t care about the off field stuff, now is the time.  I personally can’t bring myself to do it, lol.
  2. Jimmy Garoppolo – Samuel, CMC and Kittle to throw to on the goal line.  If you are desparate, you could do worse.
  3. Daniel Jones – he’s getting some pass catchers back.  I don’t feel great about this recommendation.  QB is scarce.

Running Back

  1. Latavius Murray – Melvin Gordon is gone, so it’s Murray’s show now.
  2. Isiah Pacheco – his only problem is there are 15 other Chiefs capable of scoring touchdowns.  He’s a very unique talent, so the points will come. 
  3. Brian Robinson – he’s getting a ton of carries.  The TDs haven’t been coming yet, but they should eventually hit.
  4. Eli Mitchell – he is leading the team in carries.  CMC is the obvious back to have, but if you are desperate for a RB who gets touches, Mitchell does well with the chances he has.
  5. Kyren Williams – the rookie had more carries this week and had a nice yards per carry average.  I’d like to see McVay use backs for both running AND receiving, but McVay’s brain is on sabbatical this season. 
  6. James Cook – this is more of a dynasty type play.  Cook has the talent.  If he can put on 10-15 pounds of muscle, he will have a chance to unseat Singletary as the starter.  But the Bills have been using him more after they traded Moss to the Colts.  He’s someone to keep an eye on. 
  7. Samaje Perine – he’s a one week grab, if that.  I’m not too high on him, but Cincinnati will use whoever is starting at RB.
  8. JK Dobbins – this is really a risky stash for your playoff run.  I like Dobbins, but he won’t be able to help you win for another month.
  9. Gus Edwards/Kenyan Drake – The Panthers defense is strong, so I’m not worried about last week. 
  10. For keeper players – any star back who is out for the year (like Breece Hall and Javonte Williams). 

Wide Receiver

  1. George Pickens – he’s still #1, but just barely.  The other rookies are cataching up.
  2. Christian Watson – he catches 2 or 3 touchdowns a week on like 5 targets.  Imagine what he’d do with 10 or 15 targets?  He has sub 4.4 speed, is tall and can block well.  If he and Rodgers can develop that back shoulder fade that Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams developed over the years, it’s all over. 
  3. Treylon Burks – he’s only owned in about 23% of leagues out there, but expect that to more than double this week.  He made several big plays including a few downfield catches.    
  4. Donovan Peoples-Jones – another week of solid production and another week closer to Watson’s return to the field.  I think Peoples-Jones could be a 15 point player to end the season.
  5. Greg Dortch – if Moore misses a lot of time with his groin injury, then Dortch is a lock flex play in PPR formats.
  6. Parris Campbell – I still like him, but he’s a PPR guy who will keep that last flex spot scoring points, but I think he’s unlikely to really supply huge points.
  7. Kadarius Toney – he disappeared a bit against the Chargers, but he’s still learning the offense.  He’s more of a dynasty play because he should be a force next season.  Still, I’d stash him if I could for this season.
  8. Jameson Williams – could be intriguing as the rookie returns to a solid offense in Detroit.  I doubt hem makes much impact in 2022, though.
  9. Darius Slayton and Wandell Robinson – pick whoever you like more for the Giants.  Truthfully, I waiver between the two of them every week.

Tight End

  1. Cole Kmet – I guess he can’t score 2 TDs every game.  I still like Kmet as the next young TE to break through, though I also like Dulcic if the Broncos can ever get the offense rolling.
  2. Greg Dulich – he’s better than his stats.  I don’t like the play calling in Denver, and I’ll just leave it at that.  To be fair, I don’t think the Denver coaches like the play calling in Denver either.
  3. Juwan Johnson – I don’t love the offense, but Johnson is scoring well
  4. Trey McBride – I saw the Ertz news just after submitting this list last week.  McBride didn’t do enough on Monday Night Football to really draw interest so you can still get him.  I expect 7-8 targets per game and when Murray comes back, things should go better for the rookie.
  5. Tyler Conklin – if the Jets switch back to Flacco at QB, Conklin is going to start popping off (like he did early in the year).  Keep an eye out as there is already buzz swirling around the QB situation this week.

Defense/Special Teams

  1. Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans – I love the Dolphins defense off a bye week
  2. Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers – I can’t stand the Broncos offense, but the defense is legit.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams – the Rams can’t seem to find an identity and losing Kupp has made them look worse.

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